Sexological Bodywork: What Working With Breath Taught Me
One of the most potent things I learnt through Sexological Bodywork training was how amazing and powerful the breath is when it comes to enhancing sexual pleasure.  We often get so caught up in the pleasure we already experience that don't have the time to think about the possibility that we may be able to experience even more pleasure.  Working with breath can lead to such profound states of being.  Breath is spiritual, erotic and ecstatic.  A tremendous sense of connection and oneness can be achieved.  It's so simple.

To deepen our experience of sexual pleasure we need a combination of excitement and relaxation.  Imagine that in graph form.  Some excitement, then a little relaxation in the form of a plato, then a little more excitement building upwards then some more relaxation to form the plato and so on.....
Different types of breath transform our experiences of sexual pleasure.  Slow and deep breathing helps us to relax.  It calms the mind and relaxes the body.  Faster breathing builds sexual energy and excitement within the body.  A combination of this can take you to extreme heights!
Experiment with fast and slow breathing while self pleasuring or making love.  Breathing out for longer than breathing in will relax the body.  Breathing in for longer than breathing out will build energy and presence.
Bring the power of your mind into the equation to experience even more pleasure.  Breathe into the sexual pleasure that you feel. Mentally welcome it. See what happens.  Imagine that the erogenous tissue from your sex is spread all over your body and breathe into the feeling of this.  Keep your body relaxed as you do so. 
These are just some of the ways that breath can be used to deepen your sexual pleasure. Experiment with this.  Enjoy!

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